GOLF Swing drill

Hello everyone

It seems that early summer will come soon.

It will be hot in the daytime.

I think I am wearing a mask because of the influence of corona.

I saw in the news that wearing a mask raises the sensible temperature, which increases the risk of heat stroke.

Please be careful.

I like chilly early mornings with short sleeves at this time.

That's right!

It's perfect for early morning golf.

It's going to be tough as the temperature rises

The round ends in time

From noon, you can make other appointments and schedules and make full use of your day.

I will leave home at 4am.

You think it's early, right?

However, I'm just good because I couldn't sleep because of the tension the day before.

If you are playing golf and have never been to golf early in the morning, please consider it.

I woke up at 5am today, had a light meal, left it at 7am, went to the practice field, and practiced for 2 hours.

What kind of practice do you have?

I learned that a player I used to like is streaming lesson videos on YouTube.

I have incorporated a drill that will be helpful when watching the video.

The player's video channel is

This is a video channel that says, "Leave me to Hidemasa Hoshino!"

I am worried about the rotation of the hips and the swing of the hips during the swing, so I took this video as a reference.

I prepared these two for making this practice tool.

  • This time, I will refer to HIGH SPEC GOLF.

I practiced sticking rubber tee on this stool with gum tape to learn the correct waist rotation.

If you like it, please give it a try.

Let's meet on the net again if we have the opportunity.

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