Golf recommendations

Hello everyone.

A middle-aged man who lives freely.

One of my long-standing hobbies is golf.

It's been about 15 years since we started.

I am still practicing hard and studying my own way.

But unfortunately the score is below 100.

When I met golf, the relationship with friends expanded.

Analyzed myself.

I came to see it objectively.

If you are interested, please start.

Recently, there are many videos on YouTube.

There are many clubs that are second-hand.

But I don't recommend buying a club if you don't know if you will or will not.

First of all, ask if you know anyone who owns a golf club you don't need.

Maybe there (laughs)

But don't ask your boss!

Because I have to go golf with my boss until my day off.



Will you do it! ?

I'll tell you!

I will go to the practice field after work!

And when they go to the course, they are said to be bad at it.

It is said that you should practice properly.

Can you do well from the beginning!

And hate golf.

If you want to go, go to a friendly old friend and enjoy playing golf.

I'm sure it will be a memory of the rare play explosion.

Then, if you have the opportunity again, let's meet online.

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