I went to a butcher in Matsuyama city

Hello everyone.

My wife celebrates my birthday today

I went to buy meat.

This time, I went to "Stamina Shokuhin" in Ochi, Matsuyama city.

This is the place to go when you buy luxury meat.

Even so, it's a few times a year.

After a long time, I got a point card.

There was a special sale date for this month and a special sale date for each day of the week.

The point card has no expiration date

It is a great thing for my family who sometimes go there.

You can also rent a barbecue stove.

It might have been there before

Prepared for yakiniku

I was in a good mood after drinking a luxurious beer that I normally wouldn't drink

If you drink 2.5 ℓ at a high pace, it feels good

Everyone, please enjoy the rice at home.

See you online again if you have the opportunity.

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