Went to ophthalmology

Hello everyone.

I started blogging, and the first place I visited outside of the company became ophthalmology

I thought it was a dream

I felt uncomfortable with my left eye since noon yesterday

From that night onward, my eyes were hard to open.

Even after waking up from a nap after finishing the night shift, I still feel uncomfortable, so I decided to go to an ophthalmologist.

The ophthalmologist of the attending physician had not been examined since noon.

After consulting with my wife, I decided to see another ophthalmologist.

This time, I was taken care of by Miyuki Ophthalmologist in Furukawa, Matsuyama City.

It was saved because the waiting time and consultation time were the shortest among the ophthalmologists I have ever visited.

Both the teacher and the nurse were kind.

So I felt that there are many people with children.

It ’s a time when it ’s inconvenient because of the corona

 Let's overcome it

See you online again if you have the opportunity.

Ophthalmology I went this time


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